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About the project

Modern Earth is a Towny geopolitical server in modern times, the server will have a huge 1: 500 world map. Towny is a plugin that allows you to create your own town/nation and develop it in your own way, wars, alliances are only part of what awaits you. We want to make a Towny server that feels more real with the modern times, we want to add a more modernized style of gameplay and most likely the server will have plugins that will include, military vehicles, planes, nuclear bombs, military combat system, technology tree and much more!


1) General rules of player behavior.

1.1 Respect the opinion of the administration.
1.2 Asking for (op, gm, itemki, rank) is punished with a ban.
1.3 Ban for cheating.
1.4 Administration is not responsible for lost items during PVP combat, or in arenas created for this.
1.5 Circumvention of censorship is punishable by a mute for a period specified by the administration.
1.6 Advertising of other servers, websites, products etc. are subject to a ban.
1.7 Threats and curses are strictly punished with warn or mute.
1.8 Offending the server results long-term or permanent ban.
1.9 Using bugs on the server results in a short-term or long-term ban, depending on the bug used by the player.
2.0 Failure to execute (meaningful) commands issued by server administrators may have undesirable consequences such as: mute / kick / ban.
2.1 We submit all complaints on our discord [Ticket].
2.2 It is allowed to have max 1 account from one IP address, depending on whether you have siblings, you need to do [Ticket] on our discord server!

3) Gameplay Behavior

3.1 It is forbidden to kill the same player multiple times within one hour, except for the duration of the war between the nation or town in which you are.
3.2 Traps that lurk the player when teleporting between towns or portals are not allowed.
3.3 Robbing towns, players, nations is completely allowed, everyone is responsible for their own goods and the administration is not responsible for stolen items.
3.4 No heavy redstone use and slime block planes.
3.5 An attempt to bypass the Anti Afk System is not allowed.
3.6 It is forbidden to camp outside the town for more than 20 minutes, unless you are involved in a siege.
3.7 You may not intentionally fence another player's town with your own town's chunks.
3.8 It is forbidden to build Pixel Art, because we expect players to actually build realistic buildings, the exception may be a billboard or an advertisement on the building.

4) Griefing and scamming

* Scamming is allowed, which includes trading and other services proposed by the player.
* The player has by himself to make sure not to be cheated.
4.1 It is forbidden to deliberately and senselessly destroy or build near towns, the exception is the acquisition of materials.
4.2 It is forbidden to destroy roads, tracks or other things enabling transport.
4.3 If the town will fall, the destruction of valuable blocks (ores, enchanting tables, bookshelves, mineral blocks, beacons, enderchests, anvils and brewing stands) is allowed. It is forbidden to completely destroy the town, i.e. its infrastructure and buildings.
4.4 It is forbidden to build large levitating buildings in the town and outside the town.
4.5 Buildings in the nether are not guarded and may be broken at any time.
4.6 It is forbidden to build offensive buildings.

5) Naming

5.1 Nations and towns must have a name that complies with the rules.
* Names must have a history or any reflection of reality and cannot be completely made up.
* Names cannot be completely similar to other names already taken.
* Names cannot be vulgar and toxic.
* The names must be relevant to their geographical location.
5.2 Items must comply with naming rules.
* Item names cannot be vulgar or toxic.
* Item names cannot be advertised in themselves.

6) Wars and sieges

6.1 You cannot participate in a war / siege if you are neutral and have nothing in common with the current conflict.
6.2 If you have no military rank, you cannot take part in a siege unless you are defending yourself.
6.3 It is allowed to build bunkers or other structures to protect you during a siege / war around the town, deliberate grifing is not allowed.

Penalty Tariff

1) General rules of player behavior

1.2 BAN up to 2 hours.
1.3 BAN -> 7 days -> 15 days -> permanent.
1.5 MUTE 30-60 minutes.
1.6 PERMANENT BAN (depending on advertisement).
1.7 WARN-MUTE (2xWarn) -> MUTE 5 hours.
1.8 BAN long-term or permanent.
1.9 BAN long-term or permanent.
2.0 MUTE / KICK / BAN depends on the admin.
2.2. BAN If [Ticket] has not been done, the account will be permanently banned.

3) Gameplay behavior

3.1 WARN-BAN (2xWARN) -> (BAN) 2 days.
3.2 BAN 1 day.
3.4 BAN 1 day.
3.5 BAN 1 day.
3.6 WARN-BAN (2xWARN) -> (BAN) 2 days.
3.7 WARN-BAN (WARN and chunks will be deleted) -> (BAN) 5 days.
3.8 WARN-BAN (2xWARN) -> (BAN) 2 days.

4) Griefing and scaming

4.1 (BAN) 3 days -> 14 days -> permanent.
4.2 (BAN) 3 days -> 14 days -> permanent.
4.4 (2xWARN) -> (BAN) 3 days.
4.6 (1xWARN) -> (BAN) 7 days.

5) Naming

5.1 (WARN) + town / nation name change.
5.2 (WARN) -> (BAN) 1 day.

6) Wars and sieges

6.1 (WARN) -> (BAN) 3 days.
6.2 (WARN) -> (BAN) 3 days.
The administrator can set the length of the ban himself and it may not match the penalty tariff. The rules may change at any time.

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